Happy new year everybody!

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Happy new year everybody!

I think this video of Françoise Rochais deserves more views (The Rai commentator is kind of annoying though):


Françoise Rochais has been a record holder for juggling batons (I think umbrellas as well but may be mistaken on this one and can't find any reference) for a very long time. I know of not many baton jugglers but I think they look very cool, especially when twirled.

Does anyone know about the "standard" geometry of batons if there is such a thing? It seems the ones Françoise Rochais uses seem to be weighted on just one end while in some sport twirling they seem to be weighted equally on both ends which would make quite a difference I suppose. Not sure if I'm going to get into this but if anyone juggles batons and has recommodations for good ones please share :). That is, if you can even buy them and don't make them yourself somehow.

Orinoco - - Parent

Happy new year to you too!

Françoise is fantastic. I remember when she headlined the BJC in 2012. A true pro, she didn't put a foot wrong. How long has she been performing now? (Googles... 37 years) She still looks like she genuinely enjoys performing.

Looking at the batons Françoise uses at 3:49 looking at the stoppers at the 'handle' end they definitely look like the sort of stoppers you get on majorette batons. I would guess these are majorette batons with homemade weights tied to the bulb end.

Batons used by majorettes come in all sorts of sizes. The 'correct' length to use for spinning is supposed to match the length from your shoulder to the end of your middle finger. I only know this because we used to have a majorette visit us at TWJC. She often brought her baton along, it was too short for me to be easy to use but it was very nice for flourishes & twirling through your fingers. From vague memory it was a little heavier than a European style juggling club & was weighted equally at both ends with a rubber stopper. I believe majorette batons are pretty expensive but I remember the one I played with was a very high quality piece of kit.


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