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Turbo Fest ONLINE

A bit late, but not too late... for the unaware Turbo Fest will have a small presence on the internet for this year's festival.
All times are Quebec time (Eastern Standard Time). Show is at 7pm UTC.

Saturday January 9th (yup, right now!)
11 am - Workshop - Introduction to juggling (in French)
Midday - Workshop - Contact juggling with Thom Hardman (Bilingual)
2pm - TURBO SHOW! With a bunch of exclusive acts and lesser known performers.
3:30pm - Virtual chill-out after the show.

Sunday January 10th
2pm - Workshop - Bounce juggling siteswap with Nicolás Bustos Riquelme (English)
3pm - Workshop beginner hula-hoop with Maryeve Hula Gaudreau
4pm - Workshop intermediate hula-hoop again with Maryève.
Both of these are limited places private workshops, given in French, and must be signed-up for at info@turbo418.com

Turbo 418

Tufty - - Parent

Just watched the show. Very nice.


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