Westminster council are picking on Covent Garden buskers again, as they do…

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The Void -

Westminster council are picking on Covent Garden buskers again, as they do every few years.

(Gets to the point at 7m35)
There's a petition at www.savelondonbuskers.com

Orinoco - - Parent

Well worth watching the video.

Signed the petition, I don't think many more needed to get over 5000, although I'm unsure because if you load the page the signature counter ticks up. Reload the page & it starts again at the same number?

7b_wizard - - Parent

new to me. an open air alltime streetcircus, it seems (maybe not when it rains). hardly ever seen a place with several buskers \ streetperformers at the same time - maybe in front of Centre Pompidou; there must be more places like this over the world, I reckon .. Melbourne?, Seattle?, Central Park, New York?, .. dunno.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Edinburgh is boss town during the Fringe Festival.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Street performance still seems alive and well here in Brighton as far as I can tell. The area around the West Pier has been buzzing with musicians, jugglers and skateboarders etc..

Hee Larry Us - - Parent

Wow - If I am not mistaken, Jim was busking at Covent in the early nineties. I worked the More Balls stall for about a year there. The buskers were the centre of attraction. It would be sad to see such a great tradition come to an end. Performers were fully miked up in 1992 and that's the way it was- and is. It would be like moving to a flat 2 blocks from Niagara Falls and then complaining about the mist. Cherish it!


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