IJA festival shows (free/pay what you want)

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Mike Moore -

IJA festival shows (free/pay what you want)

Two shows down, three to go! Today's show is the Flow Show, starting at the very European-friendly 8:00 pm BDT (is that the right abbreviation?) (3:00 pm EDT). Last year, I'd say the Flow Show was the best show all week, so I'm really looking forward to it today!

Other fest info here: https://www.juggle.org/festival/schedule2020/

Orinoco - - Parent

Bangladesh Daylight Time?

Mike Moore - - Parent

Brilliant Dearies Time (the one that London's in. I hope anyone who cared to see it, saw it!)

Tufty - - Parent

Couldn't work ut how to. No obvious link available, but maybe it's my ad blocker messing me about. shame, as I really wanted to watch that one. Is there any non-live diffusion planned?

Tufty - - Parent

Never mind, found it now. D'oh.

Little Paul - - Parent

BDT is Brunei Time, so UTC+8



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