Jon Udry's Variety Bungalow - tonight!

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Richard Loxley -

Jon Udry's Variety Bungalow - tonight!

Jon is starting up a live online variety show, with the first performance tonight at 8pm BST (UK time). It's free to watch, with any donations being shared amongst the performers.

To watch:

To donate:

To read more about it on Facebook:

I have no connection other than knowing and liking Jon, and intend to watch tonight :-)

Tufty - - Parent

That was pretty good, although goddamn twitch eats so much bandwidth that my wet string internet couldn't deal with giving me more than 5 seconds out of every 20 in live streaming. Watched it in full this morning, unfortunately some copyright asstroll got the end of the audio cut. Who was the diabolo guy, he was hilarious.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

That was Marky Jay on the diabolo. He's a big fan of Mexican wrestling!

I would point you to his website at but there's an issue with his website at the moment as the SSL certificate has just expired. (I've got in touch with him to alert him to the problem.)

But hopefully that will get sorted soon, so I'll leave the link here as it might be working again by the time people read it :-)


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