Turns out the small furry 4 legged denizens of the alps have reduced my…

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Tufty -

Turns out the small furry 4 legged denizens of the alps have reduced my juggling balls (already rather aged, they probably date back to 1989 or so) to mere scraps of knawed cloth and a few husks of millet. My white silicon balls and my oddballs have gone crumbly, although the pink silicones are OK. So I'm in the market for some new balls.

Tempted by the spotlight silicones, but not sure what size I need, I'dbe looking for something the size of my old beanbags but don't know what size that is, and it seems the sizes of beanbags have multiplied by confusing amounts since I've been off the scene. I like firm beanbags, not the stretchy type, any idea what would replace my old ones (spotlights, maybe, they came from odballs back in the upper street days)?

Cheers for any advice...

rainbowalice - - Parent

I replaced my beanbags with MMX balls - like beanbags they don't roll too much when dropped because it's not a hard shell and they're filled with seeds, but unlike beanbags they stay round when manipulated and throw.

They're soft to the touch and very firm - there's a little give if you squish them, but it's not like a beanbag.

Specifically I got the MMX1 - they're 62mm diameter, and 110g, so quite small and actually lighter than a lot of beanbags and great for 5 (I would say "5+" but that would falsely imply I can do the "+" :D ). Too small for doing three for an audience I'd guess. There are larger MMX balls too.

Here are the MMX1 https://www.oddballs.co.uk/play-mmx1-juggling-ball-62mm.html

I can confirm they're not mice proof! I used to have some larger MMX balls, mice eat through the shells!

(btw I'm in no way affiliated with either oddballs or play juggling!)

Tufty - - Parent

Cheers for that. How do the MMX balls compare to the Beard DXs? I tried those when they came out, frankly I hated the feel, couldn't get on with them at all.

I'm thinking I need to get me to a convention and play with some of the various types of balls IRL, there's supposed to be one in Geneva in September, if the covid lurgy hasn't shut everything down again by then.

rainbowalice - - Parent

I've not tried the Beard DX, but according to this page http://juggling-for-beginners.com/juggling-balls/hybrid-juggling-balls/

"The main difference is how the outer shell feels. DX are made from a rubbery material and MMX have a softer feeling like a latex baloon."


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