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Daniel Simu -

New JugglingEdge stylesheet

I've been learning a bit of webdev recently, and thought I'd put my new skills to the test by making a new stylesheet for JugglingEdge. It looks like this:

You're super welcome to try and use it yourself, if you go to Me > Settings > Change Site Appearance (bottom of page) > Enter url of custom stylesheet. The custom sheet is:

However, it is not completely finished, and I can't be bothered to work on it more right now. If people like it, I might put some more work on it, but this already took me a whole day!

Things that work nicely:
Full width viewing, your window needs to be at least 1130 pixels wide. So its not mobile friendly right now.

The forum and home page work good, as far as I know. I've checked that all other pages are usable, but you don't get a great experience if you view Records, Logs, Clubs, Events, etc.

However you can always revert to the default style if you just want to have a look!

Orinoco - - Parent

Excellent work! I love the soft colour scheme.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Taken directly from the logo, of course :)


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