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John Sheets -

Hello my all. Newbie to the site. Thank You for allowing me to join into the fun. Practicing, always, new set of clubs, ball and devil sticks from house of poi. Seems to be good equipment but did take over a month to arrive. Felt it was time for some new props after 30 years. Still working on my fire devil sticks, and fire torches. Always practice a little sleight of hand but recently I've taken up cardistry.
Beginning to take an interest in fire eating and blowing. Along with tumbler juggling hats. And contact juggling. Those last 3 are only a thought beginning to sprout. But my interest is growing.
From West Virginia, I am very interested in finding and making new friends that can juggle and can work with and off of each other. Very interested and hopefully finding somebody that I can pass clubs back and forth with and I'm willing to travel over I have to to do so.
Thank you once again for allowing me in glad to be a part of the group please message or email me with any questions information or just to say hi, have a great day!

Orinoco - - Parent

Welcome aboard John. You seem to be interested in everything which I approve of thoroughly! What did you start with?

John Sheets - - Parent

I saw Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie at Wolf trap in Manassas Virginia
Around 1988 I think. First time I ever saw someone doing devil sticks and was hooked right then and there. my dear friend was an amateur magician we went to the cuckoo's nest East Carson Street in Pittsburgh and I picked up the book juggling for the complete klutz. Starting with the three bean bags, devil sticks were next. Rings onto clubs. Then came the fire devil sticks on the juggling torches. I had a spinning plate once that got misplaced. Tried the cigar boxes, however I didn't get very far with them and loaned them out to a friend I never got back
The boxes nor the friend. Had a unicycle once purchased at a yard sale. It wasn't top-notch shape and I didn't get very far with that either those things are very unstable. I think that's all that juggling props I can remember. Been taking interest in and looking into different avenues. The fire eating and breathing might work well or fire juggling props. My research sword swallowing the other night and gave up on that very quickly. Last night I was looking into stilts and balance ladders.
Learn about the drug named museum in Ohio from this site I saw a video on it last night on YouTube.
Very interesting.
Very happy to be here thank you very much for allowing me in

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi John, welcome! .. oh wow, how enterprising (do you say so .. anyway: oh wow :o) You hardly left anything out, rola bola.
Good luck with everything you do!


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