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Simon Olley -


Introducing myself - Simon. I got into juggling in the mid 80's then life got serious and playtime came to an end. Took early retirement last year and met up with a few old friends at EJC 2019. It was great to dust of the clubs and try and get some passing routines going again even though there was 30 years of rust to scrape off the old body. Since Covid struck I've been taking the opportunity in this glorious weather to practice in the garden. As soon as social distancing rules are relaxed I'd be really interested in meeting up with anyone who's into club passing. I live in North London (Muswell Hill).


david - - Parent

Welcome to the Edge. I lived in Palmers Green in 1971. I took up juggling in the 80s and haven’t stopped since. Passing is what I like best. I live in Miami now, it might be a while before our paths cross.

Simon Olley - - Parent

Hi David. You probably knew Max and Susi Oddball back in the day. I've recently reconnected with them and a few others who used to frequent those workshops. Boy has the standard of juggling gone up in the time! Not sure what my longest pass is, but it ain't as far as Miami. If I'm in the neighbourhood I'll give you a shout.


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