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Joachim -

Hi everybody,

I am Joachim, 45 years old from Denmark.
Been juggling for some years on/off - and always had a great interest in creative fun.
I mostly juggle balls - Can juggle 4 at a time, and keep on adding tricks.
Been juggling clubs for 6 months, and just getting uset to it.
Also interested in close up magic (mostly cards, rope, rubber bands...) - and work as a part time magician.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Welcome Joachim!

What is the most recent trick you've added?

Joachim - - Parent


Having fun with the clubs - Comfortable with cascade, and beginning to reverse cascade, under the arms, coloums, two i one hand.
Balls: 3 in one hand, and still struggling with box and shower
And 5 Ball pasning with my oldest daughter (17)
It´s fun (and annoying :o) to see how much faster she learn new tricks compared to me.
For instance - when I practised Mills mess a couple years ago - it took me like forever to understand what was going on, and to learn it. She did it in a couple of days...

Juan Francisco Gottig - - Parent

Hello! Welecome!


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