Just found a load of reports on the EJC 2019 registration process I wrote that…

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Orinoco -

Just found a load of reports on the EJC 2019 registration process I wrote that didn't really go anywhere. There's some interesting stuff in there I think.

The Edge Registration System (ERS) is obviously a very niche tool that few people will use outside of buying a ticket but just in case anyone is interested... Since the EJC I've added SquareUp as an alternative payment processor to PayPal which has been used successfully for a one day festival. Plus a system that reads a spreadsheet of bank transactions & matches incoming payments to orders all without sending any sensitive information to my server which I'm pretty pleased with.

I'm currently using the break in festivals to do some more major reworking of the ERS. I've just completed a revamp of the registration timeline creation process to make it a lot easier to use & read, have also allowed the specification of custom sales taxes on a per currency basis & am now part way through improving how product lines are created & managed.

One of the first jobs of a festival organiser is deciding what tickets to offer the customer. For small festivals it is pretty easy task but for big events with many individually ticketed components it gets a bit trickier. So I created a quick mock up of a ticket wizard. I'm thinking of integrating into the ERS in some way. Would anyone find something like this useful?


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