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Avril -


"‼️‼️ BJC 2020 POSTPONED ‼️‼️

Yeah, we surrender.

Due to the total unpredictability of the months to come, our team, together with the 2021 Ramsgate team, have decided that the best course of action for us is to postpone this event until July-August 2021.

Pre-reg will be closed for now, and anyone who has already purchased a ticket for this year, or merchandise, will be contacted in due course.

We'll keep you updated of course, but in the meantime, stay safe ❤️🧡💛

Much love x"

Mïark - - Parent

This is very sad, thank you for making the announcement.

Thank you all the hard work you have put in, sorry we won't be able to see the results till 2021.

Is the new 2021 date definite? (ie can we start advertising it?)

[ Orinoco, is there any way all the people who marked themselves as attending this event on JE, be notified of the year change on the event? ]

Orinoco - - Parent

As far as I can tell everyone on the list has retweeted/shared/liked this message on various platforms, is an organiser, or has purchased a ticket so will be contacted as per Avril's message.

I have put a note in the listing description about the date change.

Orinoco - - Parent

...and can people stop being sad about looking after everyone's well being!

Well done Avril & the team. Good call!

John R - - Parent

Agreed entirely! In another sphere, I and co-organisers had to cancel a conference for early May. I’m obviously sorry it won’t happen but it was such a relief just to say nope, not putting people at risk, it’s cancelled.

Little Paul - - Parent

Yup! It’s a tough call, but cancelling is so much more straight forward than the planning required for going ahead. How do you isolate someone who becomes symptomatic during the event? How do you track and isolate who they’ve been in touch with or where they’ve been in the venue? How do you assess and manage that risk?

This is especially difficult for juggling events where people are staying in tents, are drunk, or otherwise unpredictable.

The organisational nightmare of an outbreak during an event is not something I would wish on any organiser!


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