So I have been starting to design my first real show that I would be…

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Adam Hellman -

So I have been starting to design my first real show that I would be comfortable charging people/companies for me to perform. I don't currently have enough good content to fill a full show. So I have decided I want to make a rola bola to make current tricks I can do more impressive. I did some research and found most boards are around 12ft(30.5cm)wide and around 3ft(90cm) long. The tubes I have found tend to be about 6in(15cm). Have you found those dimensions to be good? For the tube what have you found to be the best grips for it. I have been thinking I could use duct tape because I can pick and change the color easily. If you have any advice on building a rola bola or designing a show I would be happy to hear!

Thanks for the advice

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Those dimensions sound reasonable. 15cm is enough for a tube, larger will be a bit easier but that might not be as important as transportability. On my wooden tube I've never used any grip. Duct tape doesn't sound too bad!

Good luck

Little Paul - - Parent

Measure your inside leg, take off about 2” and then use that as the length of your board.

That then allows you to go for a jump mount, land with one foot on the board and one off the board. The board will pivot up and slap you on the inside of your thigh. It doesn’t hurt, but you can play it as though it slapped you in the knackers.

I’m not sure who I got that trick from, so I don’t think I can give credit where it’s due. It was probably Mini Mansell though.

Other than that, board should be slightly wider than your feet are long, and the tube should be about as long as the board is wide. The larger the diameter of the pipe the more visually impressive it is (and the easier it is to ride)

I’ve never bothered with any form of grip tape on the board or tube, if you want to “slow it down” for practice, put down a cheap rubber door mat under the roller.

Some people say you should always fit end stops on the underside of the board, but I’ve never bothered as my feet are at the end of the board, and the danger which end stops mitigate is the pipe traveling past your foot (which will result in a hard, fast, painful fall)

bad1dobby - - Parent

Skateboard grip tape works very well. It's basically coarse sandpaper with a sticky backing. Available from skate shops (obviously).

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

You can also get heavy-duty self adhesive sandpaper on rolls from hardware suppliers which should be similarly grippy and durable.


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