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Arnaud Schobbens -

Hi !

Nice to discover Juggling Edge and I'm happy to meet other people organizing juggling convention !

I'm a diabolo juggler from Belgium. My friends and I were so disappointed that no big convention like the Brussels juggling convention has seen the light of day in Belgium since the disappearance of this last convention in 2013. Just some Circus School are organizing circus convention in Belgium, but but not as big as the Brussels convention...

Now, we are trying to change it !

For the second year, we are organizing the "Ceci n'est pas une quille" juggling convention (english : "This is not a stick" - yeah, it's a club!) from 6th to 8th november 2020 at Bertrix (South part of Belgium). Not very known actually, last year there was 133 jugglers attending to this event for the first edition. We hope to bring together more than 200 jugglers this year... and maybe more the next years ?

I'm also organizing "Circus Bar" in Belgium. We are renting some unusual places (an old desecrated chapel actually) which are transformed into a bar with circus shows for the evening.

If you want to make a look, here is our website (in french only) : https://www.findashow.be/

And you can find some pictures of the events on our FB page : https://www.facebook.com/findashow/

Have a nice day! :-)

John R - - Parent

Hi Arnaud,

Good luck! How big was the Brussels convention before it lapsed?

200 is a pretty good size, small enough to be friendly and big enough to have lots of things going on. Plenty of room to grow though. (I didn’t get the final numbers on last year’s Scottish convention, maybe 50 or so? But a really enjoyable weekend even though it was quite a small.event.)

Arnaud Schobbens - - Parent

Thanks John !

I've no idea how many jugglers went to the Brussels's convention... but it was much bigger than the actual juggling conventions we've in Belgium :'(


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