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Ariel Shaked -

Heyo! I'm hoping to get some funding from my university to send our Juggling club members to Rochester for the Spring Juggle In. Can someone explain to me any costs of the event that I might be able to expect? I know most of it is free but is there anything besides transportation and a place to sleep that might cost money?


david - - Parent

This page, in spite of its URL, is for a 2020 festival in Rochester NY. Most things are free. It looks like there is a fee for the Gala show but it’s not posted yet.


Mike Moore - - Parent

The show cost is typically in the late teens of USD, if I remember correctly.

Great that you're doing this! It's a great fest, and I hope to see you there!

Mïark - - Parent

If you read Jon Peat's amazing reviews you will realise that food is an important part of a juggling convention. You can bring packed lunches and thermoses of tea, you might need some money any extra refreshments.


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