Vid: 180° bottle flip in nose balance

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bad1dobby -

Vid: 180° bottle flip in nose balance
Never seen this before.

I have a vague feeling I may have seen someone 180° flip a hat in nose balance. Maybe Kremo? I know he does it on the cigar, but I'm not sure about the nose balance. Anyone?

Sadly this vid has no credit given to the flipper. Apparently in the brave new world of 'viral' videos people don't deserve credit for the amazing things they achieve. All that matters is the marketing company.

bad1dobby - - Parent

Watching it again after just having posted it, I realize it's actually a full 360° flip, not a 180°. D'oh!

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Pretty sweet, shame we don't know his name!

Here at 0:43 Patrik does a half flip

Here at 0:29 Chris Hodge does a half flip

And here at 0:27 he does a full flip on the nose

bad1dobby - - Parent

Thanks Daniel!

I had forgotten that pencil video. It is mind-boggling.

Here's Alberto Sforzi with a teaspoon (dessert spoon?) 180°, to add to the collection:

Out of all of them, even though it's not the hardest, my favourite is the pencil slide-bounce 180° (at 0:48s). There's just something hugely pleasing about it.

Little Paul - - Parent

Well found! Thanks


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