Does anyone know if any other canadian has juggled 7 rings?

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Johnathan Mundell -

Does anyone know if any other canadian has juggled 7 rings? thanks.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I don't know of any, but that is because I don't check the nationality of everyone who I've seen juggle 7 rings...
But I'd be very very very shocked if there was no Canadian who juggled at least 9 rings.

Are you aware that Canada is one of the best countries for circus at the moment? That there are 2 professional circus schools in Canada, one of them being at the absolute top of the world? That the largest circus company in the world is Canadian, and that many of world's most notable circus companies are Canadian? That people from all over the world move to Canada to participate in it's circus scene?
It really is unique in this way, and although I don't have any figures for you, it would be shocking if this did not lead to some more high level native jugglers like yourself!

Johnathan Mundell - - Parent

I always thought canada was a dog for jugglers as we have NO world records at all.

But I have video evidence:

Mike Moore - - Parent

...Buh? A dog for jugglers?

Daniel points out that we're some of the world leaders in Circus. I'll also point out some juggling-specific things:

The IJA champion in 2010 is Canadian (Jorden Moir) who also has a bunch of records (longest cascade using only feet, and practically every hands+feet record out there, including 7 in the hands, 3 with the feet). He's also qualified 8 rings:

Southern Ontario has a number of strong clubs. The Guelph club has at least 5 7-object jugglers, and two that have flashed or above 9b. Toronto's got one, Waterloo's got one. I'm Canadian, and had the 3b and 4b blind records, and the 4b speed record. I still have the neck throws record and the inverted sprung cascade record. And arguably the inverted box record.

If you're talking about sheer numbers records, you're correct, Canada has 0. But only 9 countries have records in those (in solo, ball/ring/club records). And using that as a basis of saying Canada is a dog for juggling would be as crazy as saying Japan is a dog for juggling...which I hope you'd agree would be crazy.

We've also had at least two jugglers in the Top 40 for the last few years, and I don't think that'll end soon #voteforMike

Johnathan Mundell - - Parent

Wow. Yeah Canada is better than i thought.


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