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Russel Erwood -


Just a quick one to say thanks to Orinoco for approving my membership. It's great to be here.

So, a little about me... I'm based in the UK, originally from Bristol but now living in Conwy, North Wales. I've been juggling for just over 20-years since I was 14. Throughout my late teens I went to Circus Maniacs Youth Circus School and would also attend quite a few conventions and festivals in to my early 20s, but after choosing to become a full-time performer I ended up dropping out of the juggling scene. Not a conscious decision, it just happens like that sometimes.

I've been kind of lurking on the peripheries of the online juggling community for the past 18 months and have decided its time to "come home".

I'm currently playing around with tricks that would be associated with the gentleman juggler. I like balance tricks and tricks that use everyday objects.

Before becoming a full-time performer I was a flair bartender. It was all mostly bottle and tin back then.

Anyway, I'm hoping 2020 will be the year I'm able to get to a few conventions. So hopefully I'll get to meet some of you at one or two of those. Also, if you're ever in the North Wales area and fancy throwing some stuff about I'll be back to training most Tuesday and Thursday evenings come the New Year so give me a shout.



Richard Loxley - - Parent

Welcome back Russ :-)


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