Article on circus for general fitness last weekend.

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John R -

Article on circus for general fitness last weekend. I don’t think the author came away very enthusiastic for going back a second time, but it’s nice to see the national centre get a plug:

While I’m here, anyone know who teaches at Little Stars circus in Chelmsford? Not particularly important, but my mum’s partner’s grandchild (fn) is having a fun time learning and performing there so I vaguely wonder if I know any others in the group.

fn: Not my most convoluted relation: my stepmother’s stepfather is still alive and hale! But as far as I know he’s not into circus. He does cut a rug with the local widows though...

Orinoco - - Parent

I like how juggling gets all of one sentence!:

Juggling, on the other hand, is a foreign country.

Doesn't sound like she was particularly interested!

There are some pictures of the tutors on the Little Stars' website:


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