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The Void -

Hats by The Void. After getting a fresh airing at the weekend, my old hat juggling routine finally makes its debut on the net.


Monte - - Parent

Hands up who else was impressed more by how good Void looks in a suit than by the routine.
All you need is a haircut and you could get a proper job.

7b_wizard - - Parent

( It's only yet still marked "unwatched", thus on my to-watch-as-soon-as-can-list, but already I can - provided trolling is allowed here - can tell from the still-picture .. )   No, I could very well fancy, he might look better by his routine.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Okay, watched it now. I like the juggling hats part much better than what I've already seen to often the classical hats-juggling ( @ around 2:30ff that still looks like it'd feel cool to try myself though ).

The Void - - Parent


The Void - - Parent

Tried it once, mate. Didn't like it.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

I like the way he looks normally. If people give you a 'proper' job when you wear a suit, then take it off ASAP :-)

Jobs are overrated anyway. They don't leave you enough time to live your life.


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