Does a video of EJC 2000 in Karsruhe exist?

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Bob Dilworth -

Does a video of EJC 2000 in Karsruhe exist? I have great memories of the event and would be good to re-live it. Bob

The Void - - Parent

I can't remember one. I do recall that there was a year that Alan Plotkin was supposed to be coming over to film, but was ill at the last minute. But that might have been a BJC. Happy to hear more info/otherwise.

One video I'd like to see again is the 1994 Hagen EJC one. IIRC, it was just of the gala show. Anyone got it?

Little Paul - - Parent

Didn’t Alan upload all his old videos to Vimeo? Might be worth looking there?

Bob Dilworth - - Parent

Thanks for the replies. I had a feeling that there might not have been an official one that year. i'll see what i can find online.


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