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Jesse Martell -

Hi everyone

I had a question on how to count catches. so in the pattern 423 i had been counting each time a ball left my hand before imminently catching another and was curios if you are supposed to count the 2 ore not. That also got me thinking about other patterns such as box. Are you supposed to count the 2x's as catches or just the 4's. if you do count the 2x's then you would have to count by twos as box is synchronous. It feels more natural if you only count the 4's since the 2x's don't really feel like throws because they don't spend much time in the air. but in shower it feels like you should count the 1's. Also got me thinking abou t multiplexes because in you take the pattern [33] sould you count each individual ball or just each beat. Both seem correct but i was wondoring if yall could enlighten me on the correct woy to count catches or at least how you do it

Peace out

Little Paul - - Parent

I think it depends why you want to count catches.

If you’re counting catches for gauging your own progress, comparing against yourself, it makes no difference as long as you’re consistent - so do what feels right to you.

If you’re counting so you can brag to others about how much better you are - then go with whatever approach gives you the highest number and makes you feel the most superior! (and then have a think about why these sorts of comparisons are at all important)

For most practical purposes, for anything other than base patterns I prefer counting “rounds” than catches as it’s less ambiguous..,


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