As I've got a smartphone recently I thought it would be neat to have the main…

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5balls -

As I've got a smartphone recently I thought it would be neat to have the main shows of the EJC in the calendar. So I did some work and put the schedule of the timetable found here

into an iCalendar file, adding some geoinformation and links to homepages of some of the artists I could find. Of course there are probably some mistakes in it, so don't rely on it - especially as it can all change before any event. That said, maybe someone finds it useful:

I'm not sure about the rate limits on github - I might put it on some other webspace if there is a problem. This is on version control, so if you have got corrections I happily accept pull requests on

(I'm on vacation starting next friday - so I'm not sure how current this is gonna be ;)). In slightly related news I broke my radius bone close to the elbow in my right arm three weeks ago and I'm not sure if I can do anything at all with my right arm :(. So either I'm gonna master three balls (clubs?) on my left arm or this is gonna be a very lazy EJC for me...

Maria - - Parent

I had an inflammation in the elbow a while ago and juggled one-handed for two weeks. You could try 1-handed siteswaps (I did 2 clubs 312, triple, flip/single, double) or find a passing partner and try to do a 3-handed siteswap. Me and my friend tried 3-handed siteswaps 5 and 6455.
Or go for the 3 balls or 3 clubs, if you like that better. :)

5balls - - Parent

Oh thats nice! The triple would be a 6 in two handed notation, right? I thought the only feasible one armed trick (except from passing) on my skill level would be to go for three in one hand which might be feasible for balls but might be to difficult for clubs right now, but this is a nice one for clubs in between. I might also practice some balance stuff and body rolls with contact ball on my left. And find someone for passing maybe.

Maria - - Parent

Yes, the 3 would be a 6. 312 in 1-handed siteswap would be the same as 602040 in 2-handed siteswap. I liked it, I should try to incorporate it in my 3- or 4-club juggling now when I can use both hands...


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