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Steve Newby -

Hi everybody!

I'm Steve. Mid Cheshire UK. Northwich Juggling Club member and long time lurker on the Juggling Edge. Been juggling for bloody ages and still rocking the same old tricks I nailed back in the day, which is why I love going to le club and passing with friends.

I'd like to get out and about to more festivals and conventions but my wife and I are running a small cloning operation at home that often takes priority. Our next non club outing will be the Manchester Juggling Convention 2019.

We do some small community works and workshop stuff where we can. Today I'm heading over to Antrobus village fete for plate spinning and balloon modelling (maybe even at the same time) in the rain (love it).

I've signed up today as a ball rolling exercise towards a potential new event in next year's calendar which I hope to share more about soon.

Big love jugglers, near and far. Have a great day whoever you are!


The Void - - Parent

What do you clone?

Steve Newby - - Parent

Mostly humans. We've got two working prototypes (one 5, the other 2 years old) both already operational, and expect the MKIII arrival in late Sept.

The Void - - Parent


7b_wizard - - Parent

^^hehe I as a non-native understood that at first read ;oD

Scott Seltzer - - Parent

You gotta get yourself to EJC in just a few weeks. See www.ejc2019.org


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