Just found Paul Daniels Magic Show - S01E01 in-line, which has spots from Bob…

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Little Paul -

Just found Paul Daniels Magic Show - S01E01 in-line, which has spots from Bob Bramson and Hans Moretti


Good quality capture compared to previous versions I’ve seen online, and I did notice a ball on Bob Bramsons prop stand, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen footage of him using it?

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Great find! I took the liberty of reuploading that so others can find it more easily


Orinoco - - Parent

I've never visited the Daily Motion site before but it seems to have a lot of stuff that Youtube doesn't. I had a lot of things I was supposed to do last night but I ended up watching episodes of the Ronn Lucas show.

Little Paul - - Parent

Yes! Loads on there I’ve not seen anywhere else.

I hadn’t spotted the Ronn Lucas show, but I’ve been looking for it online for ages so I’m glad to hear it’s up there!

Now... do they have any of the Wayne Dobson show?

Orinoco - - Parent


Richard Loxley - - Parent

I'm informed that Daily Motion doesn't have automatic scanning for copyright content in the way YouTube does. Which means such things stay up far longer!

duncanh - - Parent

If you search the site there are quite a few other videos of the Paul Daniels Magic Show. I just found one with Bob Bramson head bouncing during his routine.


Little Paul - - Parent


It’s got Roberto Gasser in it too, and as controversial as animal acts are, I love Gasser’s act!

Also like that during the intro to Roberto Gasser PD says “we’ve never repeated an act before” - in the same episode that has Bramson’s second appearance 😁

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Which is a higher quality upload of this YT classic, with bouncing too!



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