The 20th Bungay Balls Up - Review (UK)

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JonPeat -

The 20th Bungay Balls Up - Review (UK)

I had a really good time at my first ever Bungay Balls Up Juggling Convention (UK).

You can read about my experiences here:

Thank you for having me and thank you everyone who contributed photos for the review. :-)

Cheers, Jon

Little Paul - - Parent

You say about Bungay:
> Nice little market town with a surprising number of charity shops (no good books),

There’s a large second hand book store in Bungay (if you know where to look) with mostly near-charity-shop prices. Remind me next year and I’ll help you find it :)

The Void - - Parent

A good read, thanks for writing it. And yes, croquet next time!

Mike Moore - - Parent

How do you deal with your lack of camping enthusiasm at EJCs?

Orinoco - - Parent

When Jon arrived at Bungay I teased him with, "You look like my friend Jon Peat, but he never camps..."

What you need Jon, is a bigger camping chair.


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