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Ian Marchant -

Morning Edgers.....

It's been a long time since I last posted on this forum! I wrote a small treatise on Manipulation and thought I'd share it with you.

It can be read on the link below:

7b_wizard - - Parent

Exploration! .. always inciting.
Would maybe a bigger carpenter's pencil allow for better handling? or two such as handles to manip the cup ..

Ian Marchant - - Parent

Thanks for reading and watching....The larger pencil question is valid but my choice was the pencil I chose. Each object has its own limitations and personal ways, a larger carpenters pencil would have lead to a different outlook. The same goes for 2 pencils my objective was to work with a cup and a pencil.

I'd love to see what you come up with, with 2 pencils and a cup! Film it and send a link!

7b_wizard - - Parent

I see, makes sense "with what you have \ with what there is".
Well, I'm not into it myself and am having an intense time with 9b, but thx 4 trying to push me ;o)

Little Paul - - Parent

I like your approach!

Also, well done for picking a pencil rather than the more obvious teaspoon!

Ian Marchant - - Parent

Thanks Paul, its just the beginnings but its something.

My reasons for not using a tea spoon is I wanted to use 2 objects that don't normally go together. A teaspoon would have maybe lead me to think of it as a tea spoon on a subconscious level and could have clouded my thoughts.

Little Paul - - Parent

Absolutely, it's a good choice of companion object for just that reason.

I understand that for exploration like this it's not always helpful to look to prior art (as that can affect what areas you explore and don't explore) but...

I've just remembered the existence of a juggling video from an american convention show (wasn't the IJA, I think it might have been portland?) where someone (whose name escapes me) was manipulating a yogurt and a teaspoon. I remember lots of satisfied grinning when he eventually ate some yogurt off the spoon.

So, as a side quest... can anyone remember who that was, which convention it was, and most importantly - is the video still online somewhere? I now want to rewatch it!

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Yoghurt and teaspoon, you're thinking of Pol and Freddy aka Sander de Cuyper and Bram Dobbelaere?

Little Paul - - Parent

Vague hints on google search results suggest I might be thinking of Denis Paumier at RIT 2003... which fits my memory, but I can’t find video

Little Paul - - Parent

I’ve had this confirmed, I was correct - Dennis Paumier at RIT.

There is no publicly available video of the performance any more, which is a shame because it was great!


Mike Moore - - Parent

Thanks for including the preamble text and videos, they certainly changed how I watched the final video.

Something that resonated with me: the strong "No, don't do that!" feeling when Benjamin put the wine glass in a precarious position. When I watched your video, I enjoyed thinking about things that would elicit a similar response from me with a mug and a pencil. With the mug on the table, the first "No!" was having it upside-down, getting dirt on the lip.

Orinoco - - Parent

Interesting. I've always thought storing mugs upside down was better because they won't accumulate falling dust, grease, spores etc. on the inside.

I wonder which would be greater the amount of muck picked up on the rim vs how much could fall into the mug over time.

Little Paul - - Parent

This talk of upside down mugs has just given me a very pleasing flashback to Paul Daniel's chop cup routine...

PD: "Where's the ball"
Audience: "On top of the cup."
PD: "Wrong! it's on the bottom... the cup's upside down"

Mike Moore - - Parent

For storage, I keep frequently used mugs rightside up, and infrequently used ones upside down. And some alternate, for better packing purposes.

But in the video, it was outside! On an outdoor table! Surely mucky.

5balls - - Parent

Interesting :). I keep some of my cups upside down in staples (possible with the IKEA cups I have). So I guess that combines the advantage of both methods for the second cup and up, as the upside of the cups does not get contaminated by the cupboard dirt and nothing falls inside from the top :).

Mike Moore - - Parent

I'm not sure what you mean by "in staples", but I is the effect something like this?

Those are very cool!

duncanh - - Parent

Some of my mugs are truncated cone shaped so they get stored alternating upside down, right way up to save on space. And they're inside a cupboard anyway so the falling dust issue isn't a concern.

I've never noticed any difference using the upside down ones compared to the right way up ones

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Yes. I think mugs on shelves are better stored upside down but in cupboards there isn't really the need.


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