I went to a juggling festival!

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Orinoco -

I went to a juggling festival! I've been very tightly wound up by life over the past few months so a Bungay was just what I needed to wind all the way back down.

It was a week of glorious weather, lots of fun games, some ridiculous croquet & a massive phallic vegetable.

There was a BBU Maths Jam that I didn't actually attend but I picked up a puzzle sheet after the event & enjoyed having a play on my own.

The M puzzle was particularly interesting. I came up with *a* solution that technically satisfied the problem, but I've since found this (click for spoiler) which is obviously the intended solution:

Also, most people came up with 4/7 for the big cat puzzle, I originally came up with 7/12 but have since found I had mixed up my lions & tigers at the end, fixing that I get what I think is the correct answer:

The full text of the question:

3/4 of the lions and 1/3 of the tigers in a wild cat enclosure are female. 3/5 of the female animals are lions. What fraction of the animals in this enclosure are female?

From statement 1, let L = total population of lions (male & female), & T = total population of tigers (male & female). The female population can be represented as:

(3/4L + 1/3T)

From statement 2 we get:

3/5 * (3/4L + 1/3T) = 3/4L

Multiplying out the brackets on the left hand side & putting the right hand side in the same denominator we get:

9/20L + 3/15T = 15/20L

Simplify this equation by subtracting 9/20L from both sides:

3/15T = 6/20L

Cancel everything out:

6/30T = 9/30L => 6T=9L => T=1.5L

The total tiger population is 1.5 times larger than the total lion population.

If we have 4 lions consisting of 3 females + 1 male, we would have 4 * 1.5 = 6 tigers consisting of 2 females & 4 males.

5 females / 10 cats = 1/2


Danny Colyer - - Parent

I can't help wondering which of the attendees you would refer to as a massive phallic vegetable.

Regardless, it's an insult that I intend to remember :-D

Little Paul - - Parent

Technically, it was a fruit rather than a vegetable...

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Technically it was Ewan. Vegetable. Case solved.

The Void - - Parent

I also went to #BBU2019. My pics are up at
***No reuploads please***
***No reuploads please***

I did a lot of crosswording (ran my workshop 3 times!), almost zero juggling until the last weekend when I had a particularly fun Molesey-reunion passing session with Dan The Hatless and Jason, barely touched a kendama, ate a fair bit of cake (gained 1kg over the convention), apologised to Ewan preemptively, filmed almost nothing, went to an air museum suddenly (14:01 - Will says he's just been, 14:03 - decide to go, 14:33 - arrived at the museum with 3 others), played a few games, and some ping pong, transcribed an interview, laughed quite a lot, and generally had a splendid time. Particularly pleased for Andy to finally come one better than 2nd in the poker, on his 5th attempt. Show was fun. Somewhat astoundingly, there were TWO marble slabs for bouncing juggling. Also two rainbows - at once.

Thanks to everyone who came along. (Is it May yet?)


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