'Minimal practise'.

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7b_wizard -

'Minimal practise'.
Are there any things, tricks, manipulations, trick throws, anything, that you only do or attempt very briefly, once-twice-three times per session at most, like just to check, to take a chance on, or for mere distraction, or when you feel like it naturally imposes, or you feel you could get it that moment ?

Like for me this is ..
* (when I do 7 b cascade) - flickup into 7b reverse triplexes,
* (anytime) - attempt on heel-kick: flick up a ball from on my foot past that leg behind me in a low bow into heel-kick. gotten it like one in ten-twenty times to land ahead of me in a nice huge bow over myself,
* When picking up a ball, I used to throw it up behind me with outstretched arm in still bend posture, hoping it would fly over me and land ahead when \ until I'd stand straight again.

Or like: I guess, flourishes, for clubjugglers, are a 'runner' in that sense.


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