Coo, Lestival's going to be my 200th convention.

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The Void -

Coo, Lestival's going to be my 200th convention. Well, more or less. 200th Edge-listed event, but there are a few missing I think, and a few yo-yo and kendama events, which might be viewed as "not counting". Hey, it's all arbitrary. See you there if you're going. I'll be running a Cryptic Crosswords For Beginners workshop at some point. #LestivalXII

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

What?!? You're actually coming? Crivens! I thought nowadays you had far more important things to do like pin the tail on the donkey conventions and competitive dog whistling events.

Anyway, it will be super spiffy to have you back, and expect David to ask you if you want to be in the show :D

A granma?

The Void - - Parent

Glad to see I made a big impression on you at the last two L!s. Just noticed that I hadn't tagged myself as an attendee at L!X, so that makes Upchuck my 200th convention. All bets are off!


Daniel Simu - - Parent

See you there!

Orinoco - - Parent

Which festival was the best one?

The Void - - Parent

EJC 1993. Or BJC 2006. #Spenser!

It's Him - - Parent

I went to both. BJC 2006 I associate with Peanut Butter. BJC 1994 I associate with Spencer! My favourite was BJC 1995 back when renegade heckles were funny.



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