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Flo -

Hi JugglingEdge,

thanks a lot for the invite.
I am a juggler from Bonn, Germany and am working on getting my 5 clubs clean and doing some manipulation.

My reason for getting here is the search for a juggling which I saw performing a few years ago. Unfortunately I don't know his name.
He juggled balls and used a rope to catch and throw those by throwing loops into the rope. If any of you have any idea who he might be, help is very much appreciated! :)

Thanks and best regards,

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Welcome Flo!

Bonn is a nice place, I've visited there a few times and once even attended a university juggling club!
I know of the performance you talk about. It's been a very long time since I've seen anything of it, and I have no clue who he is... Good luck finding that out!

Jared Davis - - Parent

I saw video of the act I believe you are referring to. I found a similar ball and rope act but I don't think it is the same performer:

The act I saw was being performed in Europe in 2012 or 2013 and the performer juggled a ball and would manipulate the ball(s) using the rope.


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