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The Void -

...videos on JTV. A nice number to hit. Here's the first 5th-figure vid:


Mike Moore - - Parent

Congratulations! To think, there used to be so few juggling videos out there...

The Void - - Parent

I remember when all the online juggling videos were gifs!

Scott Seltzer - - Parent

Do you remember when I created a database of every single online juggling video on the entire Internet (including gifs)?

The Void - - Parent

Heh, that rings a bell. Was it also you that did one of your VHS collection?

Scott Seltzer - - Parent

I may have been into that sort of thing, yes.

The Void - - Parent

Excellent. This has (tangentially) reminded me of some of my early audio cassettes - as well as writing down the song title and artist, I'd also note the "tape counter" number at the start of each song. That was a mechanical dial that ticked up as you played through a tape, to show you how far through the tape you were. I don't think the numbers corresponded to seconds, and I remember when I got a different cassette player, and the tape counter numbers didn't tally - the new brand's counter went at a different speed!

Richard Loxley - - Parent

I remember the first time I saw an internet video. The year was 1992, and Apple had just launched QuickTime, which allowed computers to play video, something unheard of at the time.

I downloaded it off Usenet (probably as a multi-part binary encoded as text). We didn't have the web back then.

QuickTime only ran on Macs, so I wrote it onto disk on my Sun workstation at work, and took it home to try on my Mac Classic II.

It was only in black and white (at least on my computer) with dithered grey-scale. It was maybe a hundred or two pixels across, and lasted 10 or 15 seconds max.

Still a stunning glimpse of the future.

I've just tried to find it online, but there seems to be very little recorded of that era. I do remember a rocket launching, and a voice-over with an attempt at an awe-inspiring speech. I vaguely remember a QuickTime video being circulated by one of the candidates in the US Presidential election, so it might have been that. Or I many be conflating two memories, and the rocket may have just been an Apple demo.

I might still have the video on a Mac disk. Quite hard to convert to modern formats, but not impossible! Maybe I'll find it one day and put it online.

Nothing to do with juggling, but hey, nostalgia is great ;-)


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