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rosiejane -

Guiness Book of World Records

Any of you who are also visitors to the EJC page on Facebook might have seen my post already.

I have been approached by the GBWR who are really interested in coming along to the EJC this year with their crew to record some new records. I have had a few people confirm that they are interested and then have suggested some potential new records.

If you are seriously interested in taking part then please email me on

They are looking for:
Current record holders
People who have made applications but not attempted their records
People who wish to attempt a record but have not applied yet.

I did mention this site with its lists and they are interested in taking this forward.

Obviously you will need to be coming along to the EJC :D

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jane x

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I've applied years ago to do longert distance walking with a pool cue on my chin, and practised a bit. I'm happy to start training again, write me on

rosiejane - - Parent

I have added you to the list Daniel and will email you when I know any more.

Tobi Reif - - Parent

(Perhaps you want to consider to also post this at .)

rosiejane - - Parent

Thanks Tobi for reposting it there for me! I didn't even know the place existed!

Tobi Reif - - Parent

The post there doesn't exist anymore, sorry. Perhaps you want to consider to post a copy of your post from here at .

Mike Moore - - Parent

Why did it disappear?

Tobi Reif - - Parent

I had realized that it's better if the original poster posts it there. Again, sorry the post is gone. I hope she will post her announcement there. Signing up is quick, and posting (in thjis case eg pasting) is quick as well :)

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

It exists, but you'd be slightly better off going to which will give you the 'hot' view, i.e. the articles which are attracting the most attention. But you can read and submit from either.

Also I feel I ought to mention that the moderators there are all sorts of awesome, thoroughly nice chaps, and rich, famous, cultured, and drop dead gorgeous to boot.


Mike Moore - - Parent

Yes, an absolutely top-shelf crew.

Mike Moore - - Parent

I could probably retake the 3 object blind record and would be interested in setting a 4 object blind juggling record if they were interested in that.

Unless Haavard's coming, because he would crush whatever 4 object record I set on his first try and then run 5 balls blind for way too long.


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