Hello everyone!!

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Fano Le Jongleur -

Hello everyone!!
I'm a french (sorry for my bad English ^^) little juggler (3 years ago).
i can juggle with 3-4 ans 5 balls ( bue i really like 3 balls, for tricks, moves, dance), 3 clubs and a little with rings. a little with devilstick too, but i think i specialize with 3 balls for later.

So i come here for share with other jugglers:).

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Salut et bienvenue!

Fun, I too had devil stick in my repertoire when I started out before sticking to 3 balls.

What area in France are you from? Got a local juggling club to attend or are you on your own?

Mike Moore - - Parent


I am always happy to see another person who wants to specialize in 3 balls. I hope you enjoy it :)


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