Hi, im a juggler from croatia.

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Tontorino -

Hi, im a juggler from croatia. have been juggling for twenty years. Clubs, balls, uni, fire, devil, diablo. I have a short 4 min video which i want to.share on this forum somehow. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/K3Vd_EJSjy8 thanks for watching, Tomislav Kozarcanin

7b_wizard - - Parent

°wouaaah° .. frightening °shiverrr'r'r'rrh°

[sry late] great fairytale-style juggling film, found myself in a "Tři oříšky pro Popelku" ("three wishes for cinderella") -world.   appealing fluent skills

hi & welcome !

7b_wizard - - Parent

.. and thinking it further .. I never thought about props maybe don't even  w a n t  to be juggled and they might revolt!!? .. So, we should really treat them carefully and right! Really now, generally we need laws to inhibit abuse and violence against them in the first place.


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