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Adam Hellman -

I am a 15 year old juggler and I really really want to go to the Fort Wayne IJA festival because it is the only festival that is within a 2 hour drive and within my time constraints. But since I am 15 (16 by the time of the festival) My Mom wants as much information as possible and a soon as possible. However I haven't really been able to find much information about it other than the location and date. Am I looking in the wrong spots or im I just to early because I was looking for like a sedule of the performances and competition times. If not out yet When could I expect to see the sedule?
And information about it would be helpfull

Maria - - Parent

Hi Adam
I had a quick look at the IJA page and I don't think there is much information there about this year's festival yet. However, if you click the "past festivals" you could find some schedules from previous years, that could give you a rough idea if this is your first festival.

I have only been to the IJA festival once, last year, so I bet there are people here on the Edge who knows more than I do.

DavidCain - - Parent

I'm the festival director and can probably answer any questions. You and your mom are welcome to contact me.

David Cain


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