26 years is a very long time.

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Orinoco -

26 years is a very long time. All good things come to an end.

It was great to catch up with lots of familiar faces from years past for our last meeting. It was a quintessential TWJC meeting too with enough people to recreate the magic of the club in its heyday. Lots of standing around talking. Massive passing patterns that were over before everyone had even had a chance to start. Lots of innuendo. Me injuring someone (club to the head, sorry Dave L). Dave K & I giggling like idiots. A really good turnout at the pub afterwards.

I will pull out some of my best memories when I have the time to think through my considerable archive.

Thanks to everyone who has attended over the years. It was a blast.


The Void - - Parent

Perhaps someone should update/archive https://www.jugglingedge.com/club.php?ClubID=1 ?

Topper - - Parent

A great evening was had by all.
This is not the end of TWJC, something will be organised in one form or another in the future.

Watch this space.


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