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Daniel Simu -

​Manipeo.com juggling video site

Hey guys,

I wanted to share a new project of mine with you, on which I've been working for the past 2 months. It's a juggling video database, Manipeo.com

If you don't know yet what to do over Christmas, now you can watch hours of juggling videos, there are already over 1000 videos on the platform!

I was fed up with irrelevant YouTube recommendations and don't like strolling Facebook to find new videos, I hope this website makes it easier to find good juggling. Also you can save stuff to 'watch later', make your own playlists, submit new videos (the database is far from complete, growing every day).

I'm sharing this with you guys at the Edge first, I hope to do a bigger launch somewhere in 2019 when the website is finished. From then on the front page should always be up to date with the latest and greatest juggling videos on the web. In the meanwhile, I am collecting feedback on the site while also building a bit of a larger video database, everything hand picked and categorised.

I'd love to hear what you think. It's the first time I'm building a website like this, all opinions and suggestions are welcome! Leave them here, or sign up on the website and leave them at the feedback forum. I want to know how I can make this site as useful to others as possible!



Orinoco - - Parent

Fantastic work Daniel. You've managed to integrate the various video platforms seamlessly. That is no mean feat!

I've watched ~15 videos this morning which is more juggling than I've watched all year so that is some good curation too!

What are the nerdy technical details? Is that all done through Wordpress?

Also, when & why did Object Episodes disappear?

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Yay! Watching videos, that's what it's all made for!

Yes, this is Wordpress. I wouldn't have thought that was possible until I looked closer at ClownTube.tv which is also Wordpress. Most of the video stuff is taken care of by a brilliant video theme https://themeforest.net/item/vidorev-video-wordpress-theme/21798615 and on top of that I run a bunch of plug-ins. This has me a bit scared, because many of these receive regular updates, so one day they might not work together as they do today any more...
On top of that I made loads of tiny modifications, mostly hacking stuff out or making things invisible because that is how far my PHP and CSS knowledge stretches...
The site is not quite as lightweight as the Edge and through all of my plugins and modifications everywhere it's becoming a bit of a mess, so I'm hoping that before something breaks at some point, I can get someone with more expertise than me to have a look and make some suggestions on cleaning it all up.
But first the priority was to get something off the ground as quick as possible so I could work on the more important stuff: Curating videos, and figuring out what would give the best user experience.

Object episodes disappeared in late September or early October. It had been down before so I didn't think much of it at first, but when I contacted Jay he said that it's not coming back, and he didn't take a copy of the database. It cost him too much too much to keep it online and it never was exactly the site he wanted...

Mike Moore - - Parent

Looks excellent! I'm starting to think about what direction to move with my juggling for the next few months, and I'm leaning toward getting caught up on others' cutting edge stuff. I think this will be very helpful, thanks for doing it.

It also strikes me as something that will only become more helpful with time.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I better make sure to upload all the cutting edge stuff then!

Yes, I also think it will become more helpful with time. This is probably a loooong term project if I want it to work....


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