History of More Balls Than Most (the original 80s UK company), from hereon MBTM.

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John Shearing -

History of More Balls Than Most (the original 80s UK company), from hereon MBTM.


I am trying to find a little (or lot) about the original company which sold nicely packaged juggling ball sets in Covent Garden in the 1980s. I've done a Google search without finding much.

From what I've heard the company was founded by a group of bankers who knew nothing about juggling which might help to explain the company's demise in mysterious circumstances (?).

I know friends who worked for the company. One told a story about how a best 5 ball trick competition was held to determine who would fly to New York for some work (sounds about right for a juggling company).

I should make it clear I'm not talking about MBTM Giftware which I understand rose from the ashes of the company.

Also, I have no idea how the current company of the same name is related to the original (probably by name only).

MBTM did have some great marketing and brand presence. I can remember their fantastic range of clothing (t-shirts and hoodies) and the video they produced (wish I still had it).

Thanks in advance for any information.

Little Paul - - Parent

I’m not able to check at the moment, but I’m pretty sure there’s an article in the Catch about MBTM?

Devilstick Pete also has an amusing related annecdote about his “More Bollocks Than Anyone” T-shirt

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

*Peat - he was part of Team Peat before the others were even a twinkle in Chris' and Irene's eyes :D

I'm really struggling to remember any details about MBTM. Apart from those awful gigs in Boots that they paid thruppence ha'penny for, and seemed to think it was riches. I still bloody remember those buggers.

But wasn't there someone called Steve something, who used to be a chef at The Savoy? And was it MBTM who became embroiled in a silly argument about bullying the market for juggling props, that led to an announcement being printed and distributed somewhere like Leeds '93? That was some IJA-level controversy. Oh no, wait, it wasn't. Nobody got arrested, threatened, sued, libelled, or ejected from the building.

JonPeat - - Parent


John Shearing - - Parent

Love it.

I do seem to remember hearing the anecdote from Devilstick Peat.

John Shearing - - Parent

And IIRC someone scanned all copies of The Catch and I have the file somewhere.

Orinoco - - Parent

Everybody has the scanned copies of The Catch:


Thanks Mike!

barnesy - - Parent

Here's the Dutch company that is MBTM: https://moreballs.com/en/

I think it has a lot to do with Dave (Spotlight) Marchant. I remember him talking about it anyway but I forget details.

barnesy - - Parent

Now I bother to read the rest of your post I see you probably knew about the current company!

It's Him - - Parent

From a half remembered conversation about 10 years ago I believe that Higgins Brothers in Canada were started by somebody who was involved with MBTM. You could try asking them for more information.


John Shearing - - Parent

Thanks Nigel.


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