UK, BBC4 9pm to 10pm Daredevils And Divas: A Night At The Circus

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Orinoco -

UK, BBC4 9pm to 10pm Daredevils And Divas: A Night At The Circus

This is your er... 7 minute warning.

John R - - Parent

Watched it, thought it was pretty good. Also think I spotted a Sam Goodburn in the closing montage?

Orinoco - - Parent

Sam was the second featured artist at the start of the show! He got quite a lot of talking head time, they showed much of his getting dressed on a unicycle routine plus his finale of cycling across a row of wine glasses.

I enjoyed it too. Nice to see some familiar faces: Sam, the Gandinis & Ockham's Razor. Was Tweedy the clown the same Tweedy we saw at BJC 2002? It was a well put together programme with lots of variety & a decent performance:talky bit ratio.

I was also impressed by acrobat Dergin Tokmak from Extraordinary Bodies and tight rope walkers Chris Bullzini and Johanne Humblet from Cirque Bijou who I'd never seen before.

Well worth looking out for a repeat or watching on iPlayer if you missed it.

John R - - Parent

The secret is out - we only caught the last two-thirds! Watching the first 20 minutes now...

Dee - - Parent

I've also saved it on box of broadcasts, so will have the ability to view it (online) for as long as I remain in UK academia.

The Void - - Parent

Two clips are on JTV:

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Thanks! :D


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