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Dee -

European Juggling Convention 2019

FYI: phase 1 tickets for #EJC2019 are scheduled to go on sale at 20:00 GMT (UTC) tonight. Ticket price information etc is here - that link will also link onto the European Juggling Association ticket sales system once it goes live.

Orinoco - - Parent

Who's system?

The Void - - Parent

Is it the band System Of A Down?

Dee - - Parent

Didn't want people confused when routed to something that had EJA on it (has caused confusion in the past!)Hope its running smoothly. Ta muchly.

Mike Moore - - Parent

After purchasing, is there any kind of refund/transfer system? I think there's about an 80 % chance I'll be able to make it. I'd rather have non-action pushing me to go...but at the same time I'd want a way out of something comes up in April (my life will have a lot of volatility in March-April).

Maria - - Parent

Tickets can be transferred for a 10% transfer fee (paid by the recipient). You'll need to e-mail the EJA in that case. (One point in the EJA terms and conditions might indicate that it has to be done at least 14 days before the event.)

Mike Moore - - Parent

Great, thanks!

Danny Colyer - - Parent

Does anyone involved have any idea yet of the time or length of the gala show? It would be useful information when deciding whether to choose afternoon or evening when I'm buying my tickets.

Dee - - Parent

I'm chasing this up with the show producers. I'll try to get back asap on approximate estimated duration (and times).

There will be gala ticket swop "workshops" during the EJC. Typically, it has been easier to swop late tickets for early tickets, but I can't guarantee that this year, as more people may have to leave on Saturday evening to make flights etc.

Dee - - Parent

Information about the length of gala show: approximate duration 2 hours.

Am currently trying to get more information about plans for start times.

Dee - - Parent

The current plan, subject to change, is for the second show to start about 8ish - team members don't want it running that late at the end of a long week.

The timings haven't been finalised, hence for the vagueness on the ticket sales site as we didn't want to cause confusion by changing times!

Remember that there will always be the option to participate in the on-site ticket swop workshop.

Danny Colyer - - Parent

Thanks Dee. I didn't really expect the details to have been finalised yet, but that's at least a starting point to discuss with the family before I book.

Dee - - Parent

A quick reminder that the first phase of #EJC2019 pre-registration runs until December 07 2018.

Ticket prices and more information are here

Paying by bank transfer means that all of the funds go to the EJC, but as that option is more expensive for some people, there is also the option to pay by card (via PayPal).

Mike Moore - - Parent

Registered for my first EJC! Eeeeeee


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