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Bálint -

Hi Jon/Orinoco!
I hope you are reading it.

I created the Budapest (Hungary) Juggling Wednesday event on your site. Unfortunately, I gave a link to the front page. Since it's pretty useless for the ones who are interested in our Wednesday's club, we created a specific page only for this. Could you change the link to https ://tua .hu/juggling- wednesday-zsonglor-szerda/ ? I added spaces to the URL to avoid link spamming.

The page still needs some formatting (and content and media and proper English), but at least it's already useful for jugglers who visit Budapest.

Thank you!

The Void - - Parent

Hi Bálint,
Welcome to the Edge. If you created the club listing, you should be able to edit it yourself. Scroll to the bottom of the page for an "Edit this club" link, and you can fix the URL yourself.

Bálint - - Parent

Hi The Void,
that's great! Thank you. It's done.
I guess I should have used the 'Meta talk' forum for this... Every day I get smarter.


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