Towards the end of November for about 2 weeks (23rd Nov - 7th Dec)

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rosiejane -

Towards the end of November for about 2 weeks (23rd Nov - 7th Dec) we will be selling tickets for EJC 2019 for £125. In preparation we are sharing 42 reasons why the European Juggling Convention in Newark on Trent UK will be something not to be missed.

42 reasons ? Well it is the 42nd EJC!

If you are facebooker then you may have seen these posts already over the last week, so swipe on by, but if not I didn't want you to feel left out.

Our first reason: Our venue is awesome! Take a peep at our 'look at the site' film we made this summer

reasons 2,3 & 4 are all about Camping!
2. Amazing camping space! As you saw from the aerial pics in our film on Saturday the site is beautiful and green and flat!
3. Awesome cooking and washing up facilities. We loved the spaces in Almere and we will have them at Newark too!
4. Electric Hook-up.... Not something that everyone will want, but lovely if you are coming in a live in vehicle. For an additional charge you will be able to book a hook up pitch. These will be limited to certain areas. More details as we get them finalised!

5. History.. Yeah we have lots of history around these parts and if you fancy a day off site for a look around the area there are lots of interesting places to choose from.
Nottingham, Southwell, Lincoln, Newark, (everyone talk about.. pop muzik.... ! hmm doesn't quite fit - and I suspect you are all too young to remember this song anyway!!)

These next few all about the Western Arts workshops - which for those new to EJC are free to attend as workshops are all included in the cost of ticket.
6. We have a super enthusiastic group of Western Arts specialists who are making awesome plans for the provision of extensive workshops. Check out their little promo video below
7. They will be providing Knife Throwing & Archery workshops every day with knives you can borrow so no need to bring your own if you are travelling light from abroad.
8. Whip workshops and competitions taught and judged by world class whippers! (is that the right term?!!)
9. Gun Slinging & Lasso workshops everyday, again with props you can use fully supervised.

Next lot next week



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