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Adam Hellman -

A little a year ago I bought the cheapest juggling balls I could find, the duncan original juggling bean bags. I like them but after being dropped many time they are on their last leg and I want to buy new ones. Do you guys have any suggestions of brands or specific balls.
My buget is $30 for 6 balls so only $15 per set.

Also I was thinking about buying rings someone recommended halo rings also there are 3 sizes 24cm, 32cm and 40cm. How does the size effect how it juggles?
Please any input would be helpful

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Beanbags are best felt before you buy. I'm not sure which cheaper brands are available in the US, here I would look for some Mister Babache probably for that budget.
For 30$ you're never going to get great beanbags, but if you're near a good vendor/maker you might get some good play-pit russians for that money!
For 5 years now I've been juggling balls from Play, the last 3.5 years I spent together with Sil-x Light. I must have used that set (but not every single ball) for nearly 1000 hours by now, and they show no sign of wear at all.


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