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rosiejane -

Just going to pop over and remind you all that the super cheap ticket price of £70 for the BJC will end on Wednesday. After that they will be £90. Wondering why they are so cheap? Well it's because we are running a bare bones event with no gala show or off site activities.

The event will be in Nottingham once again, simply because it's down the road from my house, we have been there before and they are up for us to go again.

We decided to not run the gala part because it is a huge expense and numbers are expected to be low because we kind of hope that most of you will also be going to EJC in Newark on Trent!

if you have the access please pay by bank transfer as it saves us having to give PayPal a cut of the ticket.

Thanks for your time and hope to see you next year in Nottinghamshire - one way or the other, or both!

All the best Jane x

Dee - - Parent

Heads up: my order receipt went to my spam folder

The Void - - Parent

Thx for the reminder. Booked.


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