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Adam Hellman -

Is there another website that has lists juggling festivals? I can't drive yet and I am in high school so my time frame of when I can go is very limited.On top of that I need to get their and back so that limits the time more and the distance away it is. I need a festival preferably in the summer in ohio or very close to Ohio. I hope that their is another website that has more festivals on it because I really want to try passing also trying other props and meeting other jugglers.
If you know of any festivals or websites please let me know.
Thanks In advance

david - - Parent

Hello Adam,

I suggest you contact rhe juggling club nearest to you and see if they can help. Many festivals don’t advertise so far in the future.


Mike Moore - - Parent

Hi Adam,

You're in luck! One of the biggest festivals in North America, the International Jugglers' Association Fest, is in Fort Wayne Indiana next year (2019). It runs from June 24-30th.

I'm not sure about your transportation preferences (bus, train, carpooling, etc.), but there are normally jugglers who are happy to carpool with people en route.

Adam Hellman - - Parent

Thanks I will look into it


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