Unicycle Hockey Scratch Tournament - 27th October 2018 - Nottingham, UK

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Callum Lawrie -

Unicycle Hockey Scratch Tournament - 27th October 2018 - Nottingham, UK

Hello All!

I am part of EMU (East midlands unicyclists). And we are running a scratch styled unicycle hockey tournament on the 27th October.

What is a scratch tournament?
Scratch tournaments are fantastic, as all abilities can play and are mixed into fair teams. This gives a great opportunity for fantastic hockey and really close games.
We are currently looking for 4 more players to join us, we aim to have a total of 25 players (5 teams of 5), where it's first come first serve. We have filled 21 places so far! (which is super exciting!)

Where and When?
Long Eaton, Nottingham, UK
Saturday 27th October (2018), 11am - 6pm

How much?
Just £10!

What do I need?
Ideally a unicycle
We do have some spare sticks
A packed Lunch (we provide some snacks throughout the day)
A water bottle
And most importantly, a will to play!

Post Game
After the tournement, we will retire to a local pub!

If you want to join in, email me at: callum_lawrie@hotmail.co.uk

Many thanks,

Callum Lawrie

Orinoco - - Parent

More of this sort of thing!

Callum Lawrie - - Parent


We try and host a few of these a year :)

We have just filled all positions for this tournament - but we can definitely try and make it more accessible!

Kind regards,



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