Digital rights and juggling resources in the public domain.

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Stephen Meschke -

Digital rights and juggling resources in the public domain.

I am creating a juggling app. My app requires several digital resources.

My app has a library of juggling tricks. Each trick has a name, animation, capacity, difficulty level, description, and a video tutorial. Other sites (Juggling Wiki, Library of Juggling, and others) have already created data for this library. For the purposes of my app, it would be very useful to have this data consolidated into a single JSON file. Do I have the rights to do this? Can I combine the data from Juggle Wiki, Library of Juggling, and other sites into a single JSON file, and then use it in my app?

Please provide any insight or opinion you may have on this matter.

  • Can I copy user-generated text from a site like Wikipedia or Juggle Wiki?
  • Can I copy text from a private site like Library of Juggling?
  • Is there a database of tricks (with name, animation, description, etc...)?
  • Can I use juggling .gifs created with a siteswap animator?
  • Can I embed videos from in my app?
  • Does attribution make any of these things okay?
  • Is there are repository of juggling related images that is in the public domain?

Richard Loxley - - Parent

As I understand it, copyright law in most countries says you cannot use any of these resources unless the copyright owner has said you can.

Check the licensing conditions on all the websites concerned to see if they have put the resources in the public domain or otherwise licensed them for wider use (for example using Creative Commons licensing).

You could also approach the site owners to ask them.

Often copyright owners will be more receptive to licensing content to not-for-profit endeavours. So if your app is free and doesn't have adverts they might be more inclined to let you use their content.

But you always need permission, so do check each resource.

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

Thanks! Copyright law is incredibly confusing.

I have checked the terms of use to find licensing conditions, but that turned out to be a dead end. I'll try reaching out to the webmasters.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Everything on Juggle Wiki is technically licensed CC BY-SA. I don't think anyone really minds what you do with it though.
Same goes for Wikipedia

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Also, I encourage the strategy of using everything you like, and appologize and retract later, especially if you're not making profit and helping us jugglers.

7b_wizard - - Parent

.. plus including a general passage in the app, like "Any software, videos, sites linked to in this app carry property and credit to their owners." plus "Please contact, if you feel any your rights offended!" or alike.

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

Good suggestion. I will take the time to ask for permission, read licenses, and cite each piece of data properly to avoid conflicts.

Also, if you want to contribute a trick to my library, you welcome to! I just need the following bits of information about the trick:

  • name
  • animation (siteswap animator .gif)
  • video of trick or tutorial (optional)
  • capacity (number of props)
  • difficulty on a scale of 1-10 (optional)
  • description
  • source

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

Great, thanks for the link. That license means that I can share and adapt the work, as long as I attribute and share alike. I have consolidated the data, and it is available here in .csv format, and JSON.

Adam Hellman - - Parent

This sounds like a great idea you need to let us know when it is out because a already want the app


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