Have you guys seen this?

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Hermit Of Masada -

Have you guys seen this?
The weight and balance is probably wrong, and it seems like it wont take much of a beating, but it seems like a good solution for the staffer on the go. And there must be a few interesting (and non gimmicky) tricks to be found.

Little Paul - - Parent

These have been around in one form or another for about 100 years, they’re built for one trick, and one trick only (to appear from nowhere) reset is fiddly at best (and couldn’t be done mid performance)

They would be no use at all for staff tricks. They’re far too light, they’re not as stiff as they look, and would flex far too much when rotated quickly. If they bend too far in the middle, they crease and you’ll never get it back together.

There was a company a while back who were making a short version with a thread attached in the middle as a “dancing cane” (or “flow wand” as the youngsters seem to have renamed them) but they had a reputation for tangling and snapping the thread when extending.

If you’re a juggler, save your cash and spend it on something more worthwhile. If you’re a magician who wants an appearing cane for your act... get a new act, they’re still a bit shit ;)

7b_wizard - - Parent

That was helpful, I didn't know, what to think of it and was about to like it and want one, but I doubted they might not be perfect. .. .. .. Maybe there's more stable versions in industrial built (but then, I guess, these might not have properties and mechanics apt for manipulation)? cf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telescopic_cylinder


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