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TreePine -

How do I make cascade when throwing high not go wide (how to reduce wide ness in through for 2 balls and more) if possible please provide a video.

peterbone - - Parent

It would help if I could see what your current pattern looks like when throwing high. It may be that your arms are too narrow when throwing. That means that collisions are more likely, which may force your throws wider. It may sound counter intuitive, but making your arms wider may help you keep the pattern from getting too wide. The higher the throws the wider the arms need to be. Imagine the 2 arcs from each hand crossing at 90 degrees near the top of their trajectories. This applies to cascade only. Check out Gatto's arm positions during 9 balls or Alex Barron with 11.

TreePine - - Parent

Sure. It I think there to widethouh and about balls colliding there not likely as I get maybe 2 collisions out of 100 throws.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Scoop with hands, throw more from middle, I'd say, in order to be able to throw a steeper angle under the last ball up.

TreePine - - Parent

Oh ok thanks ;).


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